• Female
  • About 5 months old
  • Spayed
  • UTD on age appropriate vaccines
  • FIV/FeLV negative


Meet Meadow, the resilient and loving kitten who has overcome a traumatic start in life with grace and trust. This little feline warrior was brought to our shelter after a heartless act, but her spirit remains unbroken, and her affection for people shines brightly.

Despite the harrowing experience she endured, Meadow’s heart is open, and she readily trusts and loves those who offer her kindness and care. Her playful and sociable nature extends to her fellow kittens, as she seamlessly joins in on kitten antics and games. This adaptability suggests that she could be a great addition to a home with dogs, ready to forge bonds and make new friends.
Meadow’s favorite pastimes include chasing rattle balls, showcasing her agility, and zooming around her cat room in joyful bursts of energy. When playtime is over, she’s equally fond of cuddling up with her human companions, offering warmth and comfort in return for love.


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