The Joy of Animal Adoption!

There are so many reasons to adopt rather than shop for a new pet. When you adopt, you save an animal and create shelter space for another animal who might need it. You also get a bargain because spay/neuter, microchip, testing, and vaccination costs are included in the adoption price! Most importantly, you’ll give a loving animal a second chance. One that will change their whole world and make you feel pretty good, too!

*Note:  We require an approved adoption application to schedule a meet & greet appointment.





Welcoming a furry addition to a home can be a fun and exciting event. But ensuring a smooth transition for the pet and the family takes some preparation and work. Also, keep in mind it may take a couple of weeks for an animal to get used to new surroundings.

Below are some things to consider before deciding to adopt an animal. This is important because your new pet will most likely be a part of your life for many years:

  • Does everyone in your family/household want a pet?
  • Are you ready to make a long-term commitment?
  • Can you afford the costs of your new pet, medical care and emergencies, boarding costs if you travel, food, toys, and grooming?
  • Is where you live appropriate for the type of pet you’ve chosen?
  • If you need to move, will you take your pet with you?
  • If you rent an apartment or house, live in a trailer park, or are under a land contract, are there pet restrictions and/or fees that are associated with bringing home a new pet?

When you’ve made the decision to adopt an animal, you can fill out our adoption application online or in person at our office.  You must be 21 years of age to adopt an animal.  The information on the application assists our staff in helping you select an animal that is perfect for you and your family.  At FDHS, we strive to find every animal their “forever home.”  In order to do so successfully, we do our best to understand as much as possible about each animal that comes to us.  We observe their behavior, interactions with people and other animals, habits, level of training, energy levels, etc.  Our application process allows us to understand the lifestyles of our potential adopters so we can find the purrfect animal match!

Once your application has been received, our Adoption Coordinator will take a variety of steps to verify information provided on the application, and other pertinent information.  One of our main requirements is that current/past pets were up-to-date on veterinary care.  If you rent your home, we will verify that your landlord allows pets and/or any restrictions.

Once your application is approved, our Adoption Coordinator will contact you to set up an appointment to do a “meet & greet” with other members of your family or household, including existing pets.  We may also recommend a home visit.

All of our animals have been spayed or neutered (or will be scheduled if too young), received core vaccines appropriate to their age, tested for heart worm (dogs), tested for FIV/FeLV (cats), and received initial de-worming and flea prevention.

When you bring your new pet home, please realize this is all a big change for him or her! Even a young puppy or kitten has had several situations to adjust to before coming home with you. An adult dog or cat may have had many more. Try to be reasonable in your expectations. Accidents may occur. Set rules for your dog to follow and make sure everyone else in the family is prepared to follow through on those rules as well. Sometimes it can take many weeks until your pet becomes completely comfortable. Please commit to giving them that time and PATIENCE!

If you are adopting a cat, please bring a carrier to safely transport your new friend home.  If you are adopting a dog, please bring a collar and a leash.

Adoption Rates

Adoption Rates include the following:

  • Spay/neuter surgery with our vet
  • All current vaccinations
  • Heartworm/FeLV & FIV testing
  • Flea/tick treatment/prevention
  • Deworming
  • Microchip (dogs only)

Discounts Available:

  • 10% Veterans discount – military ID required
  • 20% Multiple animal adoption discount

Reclaim rates:

  • First day – $85
  • Each additional day – $65

Adoption Application

The first step to adopting your new best friend from FDHS is to complete our Adoption Application.

Have More Questions?

Be sure to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have or review the resources below. We’re here to help you pick out the perfect new best friend for your family.

Post-Adoption Tips and Resources

For helpful information regarding adjustment to your newly adopted pet, visit the following webpages: