Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions we typically receive. If you need more information than what is found below, please contact us.

1) Are you a no kill shelter?

This depends on how you define “no kill”. We do not euthanize for space, due to age, etc. However, if it is determined by our veterinarian that an animal has a health concern (cancer, etc.) that is beyond treatment or severely impacts their quality of life, or an animal has severe behavior issues beyond correction, then and only then, will an animal be euthanized by our vet.

2) What is your adoption process & fees?

Our adoption process first starts with the adoption application. For more information about fees, please see our Adoption page.

3) Do you offer low-cost spay/neuter programs?

YES! We do offer multiple options for low-cost spay/neuter programs to help the community. You can learn more about them on our Services page.

4) Where does your funding come from?

Fort Defiance Humane Society is a 501-c3. Our funding comes from donations from people like you! We also receive funding from grants. We are not county-owned; however, we do house the dogs that the dog warden brings in.

5) How can I donate?

Thank you for thinking of us! You can donate here. Our furry residents appreciate all who donate and help us care for them. We have our General Operating Fund, Spay/Neuter Fund, and Medical Fund.

6) Does the humane society pick up strays?

If you encounter any dogs that are running at large, please contact the local dog warden. If it is an emergency, local law enforcement can also be contacted.

7) If I see animal abuse or neglect, who do I call?

For any abuse or neglect cases, please contact FDHS, and we will put you in touch with our Humane Agent.

8) Do I have to have dog tags?

Yes. In the state of Ohio, every dog must be registered. This helps identify your animal if he/she is ever lost. You can purchase yearly dog tags for $24.75 December-January. After January 31, there is a penalty late fee and tags are $48.75. Every dog aged 3 months or older must have a license.

9) Is there a surrender fee to bring in my animal?

Yes. Caring for an animal costs the shelter more money than earned in adoptions fees. The fee helps ensure the care and well-being of every animal brought in during the transition period of finding a new home. Animals aged under 6 years – $75. Animals aged 6 years and over – $100. Out-of-county animals – $100.

10) Do you accept out-of-county animals?

If we have space available and nobody on our waiting list, we will accept animals from other counties. However, our priority is to service Defiance County. We recommend that you contact your local shelter, humane society, or SPCA.

11) What happens if my pet is at the humane society & what does it cost to reclaim them?

If your animal is at FDHS, you will need to provide proof of ownership — dog tags, vet records, pictures. If brought in by the dog warden, please contact the dog warden to set up a pick-up date/time. If brought in by a good Samaritan, reclaim fees are as follows: $65 for day one, $40 for each day thereafter. If your dog does not have a current year license, a dog tag must be purchased at the time of reclaim.