Meet Our Team

Lisa Weaner, Executive Director

Lisa has been involved with the Fort Defiance Humane Society since 2017, first as a board member, then as Executive Director, starting in January of 2019. Before joining the Humane Society, Lisa worked for 26 years in operations and project management. Most recently, she served as Senior Vice President of Enterprise Operations at MaritzCX in Toledo. Now she brings all that she learned in business operations to the business of animal care! Lisa is responsible for the overall operational management and day-to-day financial, scheduling, staffing, and communication management. As a life-long animal lover, Lisa has always had a passion to be involved with animal rescue. She also has her own group of “rescues” with 3 dogs and 5 cats.

Steven Bobay, Animal Care Director

Steven completed his veterinary technician degree at The Vet Tech Institute at International Business College in Fort Wayne.  He graduated with honors.  He has worked as a registered technician in a general practice clinic in Indiana for 5 years before joining FDHS.  His areas of special interest are canine/feline behavior, anesthesia, and pain management.
Previously working as a paramedic, he can draw from experience in human medicine to provide information that may not be part of traditional veterinary care.  Years of managing emergencies has also taught him to stay cool under pressure with even the most dire of situations.
He lives with a mischievous Basset Hound/Dachshund mix(Cherry Belle), the most loveable German Shorthair Pointer alive (Patches), a pot bellied pig princess (Maggie the Notorious P.I.G.), and a Great Dane (Penelope) rescued from a puppy mill who is still just trying to learn to be a dog.  Watching over the whole operation is his feline superhero, King Ferdinand the Fuzzy.
He also volunteers at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, helping care for exotic animals, including large carnivores, primates, reptiles, and hoofstock.  He also serves on their Board of Directors.
His hobbies include digital artwork, (watch our Facebook page, as he often auctions his work to benefit charities!) woodworking, beekeeping, and axe throwing.

Stacie Fedderke, Humane Agent

Stacie began working with the Humane Society since 2013. Animals have been a big part of Stacie’s life. She has been volunteering with numerous animal welfare organizations for over 27 years and has been assisting with animal rescues over the years. Stacie has a special interest in exotic animals and has experience with different species and how to advocate for them. Before joining Fort Defiance Humane Society, Stacie worked at the Defiance County Sheriff’s Office for 18 years and that is where her love for animals and the law collided. This experience gave her a thorough knowledge of the Ohio Revised Code to help abused and neglected animals.

Amelia Hancock, Lead Kennel Attendant

Allie White, Kennel Attendant

Brianna Friend, Kennel Attendant/Surgery Assistant

Grace Howerton, Kennel Attendant/Surgery Assistant

Kendra Azbell, Office Admin/Kennel Attendant

Marlee Kohlbeck, Adoption Coordinator

Meredith Wannemacher, Kennel Attendant

Panthera Miley, Kennel Attendant

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