Meet Storm!

After 190 days at the shelter, our goofy, smiley Storm finally found his home with an older couple that gives him all of the love and attention he deserves. Storm was surrendered to our care after he had escaped one too many times. What can we say, though, he LOVES his people and just wants to be with them. He was a more difficult dog to place as he does not like other animals. Since going home, his mom and dad have found that he loves to go on car rides and refuses to eat his food out of his bowl. Rather, they place his food in a tidy pile on the floor for him to munch away.


CB’s Story

Sweet, shy CB was with us for 372 days and napped quietly in her favorite basket in our cat room. After seeing several posts on social media about this grumpy faced beauty, her new parents just knew they had to come and rescue her. They had adopted a cat from us about nine months prior and decided it was time for him to have a sister. CB was likely overlooked due to her age and/or her quiet, timid personality. She did not come down from her perch much, but was eager to snack on some treats out of their hands. Love at first snack if you will!

Animal cruelty does not just mean physical abuse…meet Lola:

Cruelty,” “torment,” and “torture” include every act, omission, or neglect by which unnecessary or unjustifiable pain or suffering is caused, permitted, or allowed to continue, when there is a reasonable remedy or relief.

In October of 2019 is when we first met Lola. Lola came to us after found running at large. Lola had a horrible skin infection and appeared to have some type of allergies. Shortly after intake, Lola’s owners called and reclaimed her. Contact was made with the owners and was advised Lola needed medical attention to address the skin issues. The owners seemed concerned and did take Lola for medical treatment of chronic skin dermatitis but did not continue her care after this visit. This was the first contact with Lola and her owners, but unfortunately it was not the last.

Over the next year, Lola came to Fort Defiance Humane Society three other times. In October of 2020, Lola was brought in by a passerby who again found her and her fur-sister running at large. Lola had open wounds, scratches, skin inflammation and infection over much of her body. She was obviously in pain and was suffering. Lola required several months of treatment and numerous medications to correct her skin. Her condition could have been easily corrected with medication and Lola would not have been suffering for months.  This constitutes cruelty. The owners were again contacted, but Lola was not released to them. This time Lola was not going home. This time Lola was not going to be neglected. This time Lola’s owners were going to answer for the neglect.

Lola’s owner was charged with Cruelty to Companion Animals and given a mandatory court appearance. After several pre-trials, her owner finally plead guilty. Lola and her sister both were ordered to be surrendered to the humane society. Like Lola’s owner, many people do not understand cruelty does not just mean “starving and animal or physically abusing and animal.” In Lola’s case, cruelty was an omission.

This time Lola won!  She was officially adopted in January 2021 by her foster parents who spoil her every day.  Lola’s sister was also adopted 10 days later into a wonderful home where she will also be treated like a queen!