We are continuing to do our spay/neuter clinics for the public restarting in February, 2024. So far this year we have spayed/neutered hundreds of dogs and cats.  If you are doing your part to spay and neuter stray cats, or your own pets, we thank you!



Remember Monty?

Monty was found abandoned in a home after his original owner passed away (and was not being cared for by family). Monty was severely malnourished, covered in his own excrement, and had several health conditions. With love and support from FDHS staff members, and the generous support of our community were able to get all of Monty’s medical issues/surgeries addressed and rehabilitate him. Within a few weeks after, he was feeling great!  A wonderful family from Michigan heard about Monty and came and adopted him on the spot! Monty came from a rough situation, but because of the generosity of our community, and the care of our staff, we were able to get Monty to the best “furever” home ever!  Below is an update on Monty from his new family:

“Monty, now called Pup Cup, as he likes Dairy Queen’s pup cup ice cream, is living his best life!  Ever since we adopted him in July, he has fit right in. During the week, he helps us babysit my daughter’s 3 children (4 year old twins and a 2 year old), who call him baby. He lives in hog-heaven at their house, as mealtimes are full of treats from the tiny humans.  He has taught them to be kind and compassionate to animals. We have a yacht in Traverse City, MI where he vacations every weekend.  At first we thought we would need to get a dog buggy to push Pup Cup around, but surprisingly he loves to walk.  When we walk downtown Traverse City, Pup Cup walks right along on his leash.  So many people stop to remark on how cute he is. Everyone thinks he is a lab puppy (little do they know he’s anywhere from 11-13 years old). When I go in the stores my husband sits on a bench with Pup Cup, mostly women come up to fawn all over him.  My husband calls him a “chick magnet”, which I find funny. He seems to always be happy, wagging his tail and looking for food.  I guess that is because he almost starved to death before Fort Defiance Humane Society rescued him. Every night he gets his butter cookies that are softened in milk which he love, love, loves! I have promised Pup Cup he will never want for anything again, that he will live like a king until his dying day. We love him so much and can’t thank Fort Defiance Humane Society enough for their tireless efforts and rescuing our old “puppy”.”