Sometimes finding the right home just takes a little longer!


In December, we were able to adopt out one of our hardest to adopt dog, Rizzo. He spent 374 days at the shelter and was graciously adopted out by one of our devoted volunteers.


Another hard to adopt dog, Prince, was also adopted out after 405 days at the shelter to a home with kids, another dog, and even a cat.


Scout was another dog that spent a total of 329 days in the shelter. She was a very sweet, but high energy dog that had a fear of men and would also growl behind her kennel.

If you had seen any of these dogs behind their kennels, you would have called them the “mean dogs”, the dogs that no one would want to adopt because they would “bite” or “attack” their children, when in reality, they all loved children and just needed a family to give them a chance. Kennel behavior does not show true personality, so give those “scary” dogs a chance!

The thing that all three of these dogs also had in common is that their adopters came out numerous times and spent hours with these dogs to gain their trust and to take the time to walk and play with them. This is something we love to see and will be forever grateful for these amazing homes that these dogs went to.


Trinity’s Story

Imagine; you’re shaking, confused, and scared as you are taken for a ride in a car. Not knowing where you’re going or why. Suddenly the car turns into a driveway, stops, and you’re swiftly thrown out. Before you can get your bearings and figure out your surroundings, that same car backs over you. All you can do now is freeze in fear.

This nightmare is all that we know of Trinity’s past. This beautiful cat shockingly survived this ordeal almost physically unscathed! She must have used one of those 9 lives we all hear about.
Thankfully the home owner of the chosen driveway cared about this life so ruthlessly dumped on their property. They immediately called us, had no idea what to do, telling us that ‘she’s not moving!’ Our humane agent immediately dispatched to the address not knowing the condition of this poor cat.
From there Trinity was rushed to our vet to be examined. She had some road rash but nothing was broken and nothing life threatening. She was then brought back to the humane society. She was terrified because she had no idea that we all just wanted what was best for her. She hid in her kennel for days. We can only imagine what was going through her mind.
Now she has healed, has been spayed and is up to date on vaccines. She currently resides in our first cat room and has adjusted well. She does well with the other cats and has learned that people can be good. We have all fallen in love with her calm demeanor and striking eyes. Beautiful Trinity is searching for the ‘furever’ home that will give her story the happy ending it deserves. We cannot wait for her to start the next chapter in her life!
UPDATE:  Trinity went to her “furever” home on March 20, 2020!!