We are continuing to do our spay/neuter clinics for the public.  So far this year we have spayed/neutered hundreds of dogs and cats.  If you are doing your part to spay and neuter stray cats, or your own pets, we thank you!

Prince’s Story

How about Prince Charming? He was with us on and off for almost three years. He was very leery of strangers before and did not seem like a very nice dog behind his kennel, though he was wonderful with our kennel attendants. He really came out of his shell during his last visit and is now living with a quiet family who love him dearly.

Pretty Girl Abigail!

Abigail came into the shelter after she was dropped off at an elderly woman’s house. She was severely matted and weighed just three pounds. After only a few weeks, she had almost doubled her weight.  We did have to sedate her in order to shave her matted fur. Now, she has a beautiful, luscious coat and is living the good life with her wonderful new family after 157 days at the shelter.


Animal cruelty does not just mean physical abuse…meet Beef:

Cruelty,” “torment,” and “torture” include every act, omission, or neglect by which unnecessary or unjustifiable pain or suffering is caused, permitted, or allowed to continue, when there is a reasonable remedy or relief.

In June of 2022 is when we first met Beef. He came to us as a humane case along with 2 other adult dogs and a cat.  There were abandoned in an uninhabitable trailer.  The owner had moved and left them there in a sea of garbage, feces, and filth.  Someone was “supposedly” stopping by once a week to throw in some food and water.  One of the adult dogs (Lucy) was also in poor shape.  Their brother Blinky, a 12-year old Jack Russell mix, had several health issues including a severe ear infection that caused deafness.  The calico kitty, Precious, was completely bald with scabbed skin from severe flea allergies.  All the animals needed medical treatment. This is just one humane case out of over 200 calls in 2022.  The good news is Beef and all of his housemates have been adopted into loving homes and have a second chance at the life they deserve.

Beef’s owner was charged with Cruelty to Companion Animals and given a mandatory court appearance. After several hearings, his owner was found guilty.  Like Beef’s owner, many people do not understand cruelty does not just mean “starving and animal or physically abusing and animal.” In Beef’s case, cruelty was an omission.