Learn About Fort Defiance Humane Society

We Are Their Voice.


The Fort Defiance Humane Society is a non-profit, compassionate, animal-advocacy organization established in 1966 to provide the Defiance area community with resources to:

  • Rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abused, neglected, or unwanted animals
  • Develop and administer programs designed to educate the community on responsible pet ownership
  • Aggressively control animal abuse and overpopulation.


  • To prevent cruelty to animals and to relieve their suffering
  • To extend humane education together with such allied purposes and programs as are consistent with the by-laws of the Society
  • To effect vigilance and inspection when and where warranted, concerning the care and treatment of animals in Defiance County, including cruelty to animals
  • To give vigorous support for the purpose of improving all anti-cruelty and animal control laws
  • To work toward the solution of overpopulation of animals
  • To promote and share responsibility for proper care and placement of animals
  • To enforce Ohio laws regarding the prevention of cruelty, especially to children and animals.


To learn more about our caring and competent staff members, visit the Shelter Staff page.


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