• Female
  • About 2-3 years old
  • Spayed
  • UTD on vaccines
  • FIV/FeLV negative


Meet Hope! She’s a sweet soul who’s crossed paths with FDHS twice, and she’s yearning to go home soon, where she can truly thrive.

Hope’s journey has seen its ups and downs. She was returned to FDHS a few months ago after some destructive behavior in her previous home. But don’t let that deter you, because Hope is basically an oversized kitten with a heart full of potential. To keep her brain happy and healthy, she craves both mental and physical stimulation.

Hope’s ideal home would be equipped with multiple cat trees and designated areas for scratching and play. These essentials help her channel her boundless energy and keep her on the right track.

When it comes to feline companions, Hope does well with other cats, but she can come on strong, not quite grasping the concept of “personal space” or boundaries. So, if you’re considering adding her to a multi-cat household, having another like-minded cat would be a perfect match.

Hope’s love extends to humans of all ages, but she’s known to play a bit rough. Her intentions are pure, but she’s still learning to temper her enthusiasm.

We adore our Hope and are confident that her purr-fect match is out there. If you’re ready to provide the love, care, and patience she needs, come meet Hope and make her part of your forever family. Your new feline friend is waiting, and together, you can create a home filled with hope and happiness.

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