Dear Miss Felicity,

How could anyone treat you the way you were treated? You are such a sweetheart, full of wiggles and kisses! Numerous people called about you because they were worried about you and when we investigated, your condition was so awful, we couldn’t leave you behind! You were brought in as an emaciated momma, and your five puppies were brought in the next day. You’ve been through so much trauma, and yet you’ve found a safe place here with our loving staff members. Never give up your hope, Felicity! The perfect family is right around the corner and you will have all the food your precious soul deserves! You will never have to raise puppies again, or wonder when your next meal will be. You will never be left out in the rain and mud and will have the warmest, comfiest bed to sleep on every single night. You are safe, Felicity! And you will be loved every day for the rest of your life!

Can you give Felicity the life she deserves? Head over to our website today and apply to adopt her!

Felicity gets along with everyone and everything. She is so grateful and happy to be in a safe environment and just wants to be loved unconditionally.

Once Felicity is healthy enough, she will be spayed and microchipped. She is current on all of her vaccines and monthly prevention.

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