• Male
  • About 5 years old
  • Breed: Redbone Coonhound
  • Weighs about 60 lbs
  • Neutered
  • UTD on vaccines & monthly prevention
  • Heartworm negative
  • Microchipped


Hey everyone!  Remember me?


I am a 5 year old Redbone Coonhound that was found as a stray after running loose for nearly two months!  A kind person finally caught me and brought me to the shelter.  I was really skinny and even though I was really hungry, I refused to eat.  The shelter staff tried everything they could to entice me to eat, but I really just didn’t feel good.  One of the staff members took me home knowing my life wasn’t going to last much longer if she didn’t get me out of the shelter.  She took me home, made me home-cooked food, and was able to get me to eat.  I would eat really well for two days, but starve myself again for a few days.  The shelter medical team ran some tests and discovered I was in chronic renal failure.  My life expectancy was cut short and I was taken off the adoption list.  My foster mom said she would let me live out my life in comfort with her.  I was put on a special diet to help prolong my kidney function, and some other symptoms led to more testing and a diagnosis of Leptospirosis and e-coli.  I was put on antibiotics and my follow up tests came back indicating I was improving!  My kidney function was going up (I’m now housebroken, by the way!) and the lepto was gone!  However, I still had e-coli so I had to start more antibiotics!  I have more testing to get through, but my foster mom says I can start searching for my forever family.  Even though she loves me, I am a very anxious dog and I love being outside.  She doesn’t have a fenced in yard, and that would make me the happiest dog ever just to be able to be in the yard as much as possible (but inside on the recliner for nap time and bed time).  I would really like to have another doggy friend to play with, but my future people do need to know that I can be food aggressive.  I am crate-trained and potty-trained and I do really well with kids and cats.  My foster mom has taken me to schools to play with kids and I had a really great time with her. She says I really am the perfect dog!  I will need to continue to be on a special kidney diet (Royal Canin KD wet food is my favorite!) and will need a fenced-in yard (because I’m a Coon-dog and I will take off to hunt).  I’m still learning to cuddle and need a lot of patience, especially with new things.  I’m still learning to ride in cars, and just went on a road trip with my foster mom.  I’m really going to miss her, but I know she would rather see me in a home with a fenced-in yard because of how much I enjoy being outside.  Would you like to meet me and provide me with the happiest furever after?

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