• Female
  • About a year old
  • Breed: Hound mix
  • Weighs about 50 lbs
  • Scheduled to be spayed
  • Scheduled to be vaccinated
  • Scheduled to be heartworm tested
  • Scheduled to be microchipped



Oh, sweet, sweet Annie!

Miss Annie came to us very recently as a nervous stray and was never reclaimed by her folks. This hound mix is approximately 50lbs and has the sweetest little smile. We are guessing her to be on the younger side based on her size and teeth, likely around a year old.

So far, Annie has been excellent to handle and doesn’t seem to mind the other animals in the shelter. She is a bit strong on leash, but with practice and guidance she could be a pro-walker in no time! Annie does keep a clean kennel through the day, which should make any additional potty-training fairly easy.

We will update this darling girl’s bio as we get to know her. But so far we can confidently say that she’s a great dog and going to make someone very happy.

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