• Male
  • About a year and a half old
  • Breed: Lab mix
  • Weighs about 65 lbs
  • Neutered
  • UTD on vaccines & monthly prevention
  • Microchipped


Introducing Toby, the shelter’s best-kept secret! Toby has been patiently waiting for his forever home since the beginning of the year, and we can’t quite understand why. This lovable canine is something truly special, a bundle of affection just waiting to be shared with a lucky human.

Toby’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. When he sees you, he can’t help but jump up and shower you with kisses – a sign of his deep desire to be close to people. While he’s been diligently learning manners, Toby’s mastered the art of “sit” and will do just about anything for a tasty treat. Snacks are his absolute favorite, second only to his passion for playing fetch and carrying around a tennis ball.

While Toby has faced a bit of anxiety during his time in the kennel, we believe he’ll truly thrive in a loving home. He’s a natural on walks, especially when harnessed up, and his eagerness to please his humans knows no bounds.

Toby’s only missing piece of the puzzle is a family or individual who can give him the love and guidance he craves. He may need a little time to adjust to his new surroundings, but his heart is full of love just waiting to be shared. Toby will require slow introductions to other dogs, as he’s had limited experience making new furry friends.

We hold a special place in our hearts for Toby, and we’re determined to find him the very best home. If you’re ready to open your heart to this affectionate, treat-loving, ball-chasing companion, Toby is waiting to become an unforgettable part of your life. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring Toby home and experience the joy and love he has to offer.

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