• Female
  • About 8 years old
  • UTD on vaccines
  • ** FIV+ **



This beautiful girl is Sprinkles! Sprinkles joined the FDHS crew nearly a month ago when she came to us in pretty rough shape. She was thin, wounded and feeling pretty sick. Our veterinarians estimated her to be about 8 years old and after some testing also found that she has FIV.

Sprinkles has been on a few different medications since her arrival and has already made significant progress in her health. We are confident that her condition can be managed and she still has a few golden years left on this planet.

For being such a little cat with the odds stacked against her, Sprinkles has always been the sweetest thing. Even at her worst- her purr motor remained strong and her personality was always upbeat. We have all fallen in love with her toothless smile and her big heart.

Being an FIV+ kitty means that Sprinkles is more susceptible to illness and must live strictly indoors. We tried bunking her up with our other available FIV+ resident- but Sprinkles made it clear she prefers a solo lifestyle.

Sprinkles is looking for a quiet, loving home that’s willing to give an older cat a chance at a happily ever after.

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