• Female
  • About 5 months old
  • Scheduled to be spayed
  • Up-to-date on vaccines & monthly prevention
  • Scheduled to be microchipped



This beautiful gal is Rosemary!! She’s about 5 months old and as SWEET AS SUGAR. She had been out running for months before her finders were able to catch her and bring her to a safe place!! She came in timid and skinny, and we are slowly building her trust & her weight with lots of snackies!!! She is finding out that all of these humans are here to help her and she will fall on your lap when she realized she can trust you! As with any puppy – she will need patience, trust & consistent training to help her be her very best puppy self!!! We know when she finds her people she will FLOURISH. She’s an angel and will come out of her shell in no time!!


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