• Male
  • About 3 years old
  • Neutered
  • Heartworm Negative
  • Up-to-date on vaccines & monthly prevention
  • Microchipped



Hello, hello, hello! I’m Loki! Named after the god of mischief, but I’m hardly that! I’m actually a pretty well-behaved guy and take my job of being a Good Boy very seriously…sometimes even a little “too” seriously.
You see, I’ve been living here at FDHS for two months now since my previous owners surrendered me. I really love the girls here that feed me and take care of me, but I’d really like a girl of my own! Men aren’t really my forte and it will take me some time to learn to trust one. I take my job as a protector very seriously. I do, however, warm up particularly fast to whoever is feeding me snacks and has a slow approach to befriending me.
I would prefer to be the only pet in the home, as I really just want to soak up all the love for myself. The people here were told I would NOT do well with small animals or children! I want to be your one and only!
Once you get past my tough exterior, you’ll find that I’m the sweetest little baby and love to dance around and play. I’m an A+ cuddler and will be the best guy to watch scary movies with! You’ll also never EVER have to worry about me making a mess in the house or getting into your belongings. Like I said earlier, I take being a Good Boy seriously.
If you think I could be a good match for you, please fill out an adoption application for me.
That’s all for now!
– Loki

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