• Male
  • 1-2 years old
  • Breed: Boxer mix
  • Scheduled to be neutered
  • Scheduled for vaccines
  • Scheduled for heartworm test
  • Scheduled to be microchipped



Meet Lexington, the charming Boxer mix who wandered into our shelter as a stray, carrying an air of mystery about him. Despite his uncertain past, Lexington’s friendly demeanor and impressive command of several cues are sure to capture your heart.
This handsome canine boasts a blend of Boxer energy and mixed-breed curiosity, making him an ideal companion for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Lexington’s sociable nature shines through as he effortlessly interacts with people. He’s a real charmer, making most introductions a breeze.
But there’s more to Lexington than just his playful side; he’s a clever pup who knows several commands, showing off his willingness to learn and please. Whether it’s a sit, stay, or even a playful high-five, Lexington’s eager to showcase his intelligence and loyalty.

As you consider bringing a new furry family member into your life, don’t let Lexington’s stray beginnings deter you. Instead, embrace the opportunity to provide him with the loving, forever home he deserves. With his friendly disposition, quick wit, and boundless enthusiasm, Lexington promises to be a loyal and cherished addition to your household.

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