• Female
  • A little over a year old (Born 10/03/2021)
  • Breed: Boxer mix
  • Scheduled to be spayed
  • Scheduled to be microchipped


Meet Mama Izzy! Izzy came to FDHS a few weeks ago with a VERY pregnant belly full babies! Luckily, one of our awesome foster mom’s stepped up and took Izzy in right in time for her to deliver her pups.
Since Izzy is still a very new mom and nursing her puppies, she will not be able to go home until they are weaned (around mid-January). However, we are still taking apps for her sweet self!
Izzy loves to be with the humans and does have a tad bit of separation anxiety, she’s most comfortable when she’s snoozing at your feet. Izzy likes other dogs and has lived with one and been around others in her previous home. She’s also been around young children and cats and has done fine. She does great on leash and is so eager to please her people.

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