• Male
  • About a year old
  • Neutered
  • Weighs about 40lbs
  • Up-to-date on vaccines & monthly prevention
  • Microchipped



Howdy hey! I’m Hank! I’m an energetic little dude that arrived here a couple months ago as a stray and was never reclaimed by my folks. Although I really love my friends here at FDHS and they do a GREAT job taking care of me, I’m really, really, REAAAALLY ready to start my adopted life!
The humans here think I’m a little under a year old because I still have a lot of puppy characteristics and shiny bright white chompers. Despite being so young, I’m one of the cleanlier dogs here in the kennels and consistently keep a tidy kennel. I seem very interested in playing with the other dogs, so a home with a canine sibling would be kind of cool! Given my sweet nature, I would probably even do great with kitties! Because I’m so high-strung I would likely do best in a home with children over the age of five (I tend to treat them like human bowling pins!). But I love to LOVE and will shoooowwweeeerrrrrrr you with my puppy-dog kisses.
I can’t wait to get home and show my family the best boy I can be!

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