Foxy Brown


  • Female
  • About a year old
  • Scheduled to be spayed
  • Up-to-date on vaccines & monthly prevention
  • Scheduled to be heartworm tested
  • Scheduled to be microchipped



This SWEET, sweet girl is Miss Foxy Brown. She’s a super sweet girl who came to FDHS as a stray & no one reclaimed her. She was nothing but a skeleton with a tail wag. After a few good meals, some medicine, and A LOT of love, Foxy is starting to look like a dog again!
Foxy is very flinchy, leading us to believe that someone in her past was not very kind to her. But she’s been an absolute doll to every person she’s met. She seems to love other dogs and has played really well with some of the shelter pups. Foxy is still catching onto potty training, but we think she will do amazing once she has some consistency.

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