• Male
  • About a year old
  • Scheduled to be neutered
  • Scheduled to be vaccinated
  • Scheduled to be microchipped


This is Doug the Dog! Sweet boy Doug came to us after a pretty rough situation and is now looking for his perfect match and a forever family. Doug is the definition of ‘Happy’, seriously, look it up and you’ll see his big goofy grin! Despite where he came from, we don’t think Doug has ever actually had a bad day. He’s always smiling ear-to-ear and his tail is constantly wagging.
Doug has been extremely sweet to all the staff and seems SUPER interested in playing with other dogs. This boy still has a lot of puppy characteristics and will likely adapt great to any home type. Given that he’s a little younger, his new family will have to work on his manners. He keeps a super clean kennel but he does try to leap into your arms when he greets you. He also could use a bit of work on leash. Nothing that some time, patience, and lots of love can’t fix!

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