• Male
  • 1-2 years old
  • Breed: Staffordshire Terrier mix (guess)
  • Scheduled to be neutered
  • Scheduled to be vaccinated
  • Scheduled to be heartworm tested
  • Scheduled to be microchipped



Get a load of this little Creature! This itty bitty little goblin came to us as a very scared stray and was never reclaimed by his folks. Creatch had quite the entrance here with his loud screeching, hence how he earned his name.
It took us a couple of days to get Creatch out of his kennel because he was just so petrified with fear. With a lot of snacks, some gentle coaxing and lots of reassurance- we’ve been able to handle this sweet boy and earn some trust. He is still very uneasy when hands move too quickly towards him or if you stand and hover above him for too long. He’s quick to vocalize his uncomfortability but never tries to bite.
Creatch really seems to come out of his shell around the other dogs and his little stick-straight tail waves back and forth a mile a minute. He has awesome manners on leash and keeps a pretty tidy kennel if let out to potty regularly.
This short-stack of cuteness only stands about a foot tall and is built like a bowling ball. Creatch is going to need a special somebody to help rebuild his confidence and show him the good side of life and we, without doubt, KNOW that he will reward his adopters ten-fold.

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