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Fall is Right Around the Corner!!

Fall has arrived! This may be the time of year when your animals are home alone more because of sports and children going back to school.  During this time of year there are some important reminders that we would like to point out:

     1.  Heartworm testing and preventive- It is becoming the time of year for mosquitos which carry heartworm larvae which in turn can infect dogs. When a mosquito carrying infective heartworm larvae bites a dog and transmits the infection, the larvae grow, develop and migrate in the body over a period of several months to become sexually mature male and female worms. These reside in the heart, lungs and associated blood vessels. Preventative  for heartworms is far less expensive then the treatment and heartache of heartworms. Heartworms have also been detected in cats as well.

     2. Spay and Neuter animals- Springtime is the season when many litters of kittens and puppies are born. Out of these many litters, over half are unwanted and end up at shelters. Cats especially can have anywhere from 5-7 kittens per litter and this can happen twice a year per female cat. For example, two uncontrolled breeding cats plus all of their kittens and their kittens' kittens add up to 75 cats within 1 year. Can you imagine that with the hundreds of cats that are not neutered or spayed? Dogs are also just as important to get spayed and neutered. Not spaying or neutering can also lead to testicular cancer and other health issues. Another important fact about neutering is that a neutered dog is less likely to bite.

     3. Exercise and Toys- It is very important to allow your animals to get the excercise they need in order to burn off any energy they may build. Also, KONG toys are very recommended when you need to leave your animals. Your can put treats in them and it gives your animals, dogs especially, something to entertain themselves with while you are gone.

     4. Halloween-  Please remember that many people still use black cats for reasons they should not when Halloween comes around. If you or someone you know owns a black cat please keep them in during the month of October. 



If you have been thinking about getting a friend who accepts you unconditionally, be sure to check at the shelter.  Remember, we have new arrivals every day.  If you are looking for a particular breed or special characteristic, call the shelter at 658-2298 and let us put you on our “Wanted” list.  When that specific critter comes in, we will gladly give you a call.
No matter why people surrender their animals, that’s the reason we are there, because no one likes to feel unwanted.  Help us show these animals that someone out there loves them.  If you or someone you know is interested in showing one of our shelter’s animals just how WANTED they are, call or stop by our shelter.  The reward is unconditional love!

Giving a Little Bit of Love

Adopting a pet can be one of life’s purest joys.  Their needs are simple.  They’re perfectly content with basics; such as, food, shelter, and of course, our companionship.  What they give us in return is far greater—unconditional love and endless joy.  Many animal lovers have found that going from one pet to two is easier because they already know what to expect when they bring the newcomer home. 

Volunteering at the shelter can also be very rewarding.  Walking the dogs and playing with the cats is very important.  It helps to socialize them and gives them the exercise they need.  The dogs are walked at least twice a day.  Of course, they enjoy the great outdoors.  Also, it keeps those who are housebroken on their regular schedule and it helps those who are not to become housebroken. 

Donations are also always welcome. In addition to financial support, we can always use blankets and towels, Clorox bleach, laundry and dish detergent, canned dog and cat food, meat baby food in jars (chicken/turkey/beef) for the tiny kittens, dog and cat treats, pet toys, scoopable kitty litter, paper towels, toilet tissue, pet carriers, postage stamps, Windex glass cleaner, anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitizer, Q-tips, cotton balls, alcohol, and gift certificates to Office Max, Meijer, WalMart and TSC.  You can also spread the word by telling your friends about our shelter’s services.

It is never to late to get active and help an Animal in need. Whether it is simply donating a small bag/box of treats, coming in and playing with the animals, or making a donation, every bit counts. Thank you to all that are helping out with the animals, and all that will be giving up there time and money in the future. We appreciate all who support us big or small.

Thanks again for all the items and donations to keep the animals happy and healthy!

If Animals Could Talk

Have you ever wondered what an animal would say if they could talk? This is what one of our volunteers thought the animals would say at our shelter.

They have no voice, but their eyes  say it all... " We love you, take us home."  We often think,,,If only we could talk to them, it might make the difference. That's the thing, they have no voice of their own, nor can they understand each and every word we say. All they can do is look at us with those big eyes and try to tell us. That is when we become their voices. It is up to everyone to love and nurture every animal that comes into the shelter. Whether it is taking hours to De-matte  a cat, that hasn't been brushed or groomed in years, or re-familiarize a young pup with the loving touch of a human due to abuse and neglect, we will always be there to take care of their needs they can't voice themselves.  These animals may no longer be at the shelter, but they have forever left paw prints on our hearts. We love our animals, and hope you do too. So Please, be their voice.


Your generosity is what allows us to operate and continue to save lives.
We sincerely appreciate your support!